Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Who Do I Think I Am?

OK.  Thanks to all your help, I obtained the plastic boater hat, covered it with black fabric, wrapped some lace around it, and glued on silk daisies.  I'm rather proud of it, all things considered.

I realized, at this point, that I hadn't tried on the dress (around which this entire costume was based) in a couple years, so decided to give the entire ensemble a try.  The good news:  it fit.  (Actually, the slightly better news:  it was a little too loose.)  The bad news:  I had misremembered it slightly, so it's a bit less perfect for the costume as I'd hoped.

Now, as previously alluded to, there are, in fact, some props that will help pin down the identity I'm aiming for.  I don't have them yet.

Which raises the question:  can anyone figure out what the heck I'm going for, in the absence of any identifying props.

So.  Can you?

Note:  that is not a feather sticking out of the hat.  It's the top of my dry-erase board in the background

Any guesses?  Anyone? 


mawmellow said...

Mary Poppins ?

dklars said...

Mary Poppins is my guess, too.  If you weren't going for Mary Poppins, you can always say that's who you are, since at least two of us presumed it was her! :) ~~Kath~~

asmcmh said...

I totally thought Mary Poppins right off the bat.

helmswondermom said...

Mary Poppins, Eliza Doolittle, or Florence Nightingale?

hewasolddog299 said...

Mary Poppins? Susan B. Anthony? A suffragette?