Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Two and a half hours...

... is exactly how long it took to hook up the new computer!  (That would be the nice, pretty new Dell "small business" model running Windows XP, but running it a heck of a lot faster than my old computer.)

And when I say "hook up the new computer," I mean ...
- take apart the old computer
- bring an end table in the computer room
- re-set-up the old computer on the end table (so I can transport files via a four foot cable)
- unpack new computer
- hook up new computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speaker
- (do not hook up printer -- it's late and the power strip doesn't have room for it anyway)
- attach it to home network
- turn it on
- be amazed that it works and does, in fact, use the home network
- delete the surprisingly small amount of pre-installed software I didn't want (an added benefit of buying a "small business" machine rather than a "home" one)
- set the monitor resolution impossibly high as recommended
- notice how really, really tiny that makes all the text
- download Firefox
- set my internet options to make text bigger so I can see it on the high resolution screen
- set a coupla bookmarks
- download a picture for wallpaper
- notice that at the highest resolution available for the photo, it doesn't fill the aforementioned screen
- kick screen resolution back down to something human
- configure Outlook
- open Word -- be confused at how different the screen looks from whatever version of Word my office is still uses -- and I'd thought we were all current
- download the driver for my "PCTV To Go" and confirm that I can watch my TV on my computer
- consider messing with the resolution again

And finally ... and for me, this is a pretty big thing, NOT downloading AOL.  To be honest, I haven't used any non-web-based AOL content in years -- at least, not in any sense greater than just killing time.  I update the journal from the web, I handle email from the web -- everything else is just gravy.  And the more that gravy is ad-filled and system-freezing, the less I need it on my system.

Now ... to figure out how to make the keyboard stop wobbling.

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