Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Photo dump!

Kath asks:  Does this mean you won't get to wear the Mary Poppins costume?

In fact, it does not.  The party in question was conveniently on Saturday, so I was able to attend.  (And then I spent a good deal of Sunday washing the dress.  I'd never worn it outside the house before and, apparently, dragging a teensy bit of train behind you is the equivalent of being a human Swiffer.  I picked up a ton of dirt from just walking around on the patio at the party house.  OK, yeah, I also knocked over a can of Coke.  But nobody saw me and I cleaned it right up, so we'll pretend that never happened.)

I didn't bring a camera to the party.  I should have; everyone else did.  But I did capture a shot before I left, all decked out in the Mary outfit -- it's much like the last except now I have the carpetbag.  Said prop really sealed the deal -- everyone knew instantly who I was supposed to be.

Damn.  A bit blurry, but you get the idea.  (I'm working with different photo editing software, so it'll take some time till I'm back up to speed.)

I also wanted to show you exactly why I'm so proud of the hat.  I therefore give you...


and AFTER:

And ... and this one is really for my sister, who has never seen this particular look on me ... I straightened my hair for the day, because it is much easier to put in a bun when it's straight.  So, this is me with all my curls de-curled...

And that's all she wrote.  Back to curling up on the couch, wanting to take a short vacation from my body.


dklars said...

Thanks for the update! ~~K~~

tammyg22 said...

I'm sorry you're sick.  (So, how long *did* it take Mom to call?)

I've never seen you with straight hair, either.  Wow,  you look different!