Friday, August 6, 2004

And the winner is...


"Daniels" seemed to be the big winner for the name of the new laptop.  (Although I was tempted to go with something like Lazarus, what 'cause this is my second version of this computer after the early one died.)  Nonetheless, I couldn't go with that directly because (a) it seems weird to name my computers "Jack Daniels" when I've never ever drunk the stuff and (b) "Daniels" doesn't actually sound like a NAME. 

But the suggestion itself was a good one, so I just thought I'd friendly it up a bit and call the new machine Danny.

So far, Danny's integration here hasn't entirely been smooth.  He didn't want to get along with Pearl (the wireless router) at ALL.  (It took about an hour to get them to recognize each other, and I'm still not sure what I did that finally made them start talking.)  And then, AOL wouldn't connect.

This latter was EXTREMELY frustrating, as the failure of AOL to actually WORK on my old laptop was one of the (many) reasons I had for finally getting a new one.  Seems the problem was that AOL doesn't actually have a connection script that works for a Mac connecting to AOL via a home network riding on a cable modem.  (Well, maybe they do -- or they did -- because it used to work before, but it don't work now.)  ANYWAY, the nice new version of AOL preloaded onto Danny comes with a whole BUNCH of new and exciting scripts that might be the one to work ("home network" "cable modem" "TCP/IP connection") and after a few frustrating attempts, I found the right combination of scripts to enable me to be here, updating the journal on Danny for the very first time.

It's a little slow-going, getting used to the new keyboard and all.  Danny has a very small shift key on the right-hand side, whereas I have a very long pinky fingernail over there -- and the combination seems to be a recipe for accidentally hitting "pg up" and/or "Enter" and doing things to text I hadn't intended.

Still, Danny appears capable of many new and exciting tricks (in addition to actually, y'know, working) and I'm looking forward to learning them all.  Just wait till I figure out the built-in camera.  Oooo.


olddog299 said...

All Hail Danny!  Long May You Rave!

Which can become. "Aw, hell, Danny, why don't you wave?" when things go wrong, as they often times do in the "wonderful world of computers."

Good luck to you all -- keep the good stuff coming.

tammyg22 said...

Cool name!!!!  <g>

annalisa135 said...

How come another boy?  Now you got two boys.  

"We" (yeah, like this totally involves me) need another chick.  Yeah, I know about Pearl.

Which brings another point to mind ~ How come your chicks get OLD names like Marietta and Pearl, and yet your dudes get cool names like Jack and Danny?  Doesn't quite seem fair.  

This is the same chick who just complained about no young, good hearted costumes available for old women.  (lol)    

::::grumble, grumble::::

Welcome Danny boy, may you have a long, prosperous life.  May the computer gods shine on you.