Friday, August 20, 2004

Homework: How Cool Am I?

For this week's homework, Scalzi asks:

>>Weekend Assignment #20: Tell us about your favorite entry of your own from the last 366 days (it's a leap year). Tell us why it still resonates for you. And "favorite" can mean anything you want it to mean: Most amusing, most heartbreaking, most affirmative of yourself, whatever. One good way to think of it is if you could show someone only one entry from your Journal, which one would it be?

Extra Credit: Show us your favorite picture from your Journal in the last year.<<

I'm not shy.  I'll toot my own horn.

The interesting thing about this assignment is it sorta makes me think about what I think this journal is supposed to be about, y'know?  When I started the journal, it had a theme to it -- it was all about me getting in shape (physically and mentally) for an adventurey-type vacation in New Zealand.  But now that the trip has come and gone (and, sadly, so has my resolve to go to the gym), the journal has sort of settled down to something different and rather undefined.  (This fortnight, it seems to be all about my thoughts on the Olympics.) 

That said, what I like best about my journal are the entries I've had fun writing.  The playful stuff.  The stuff where I'm stretching and trying to see what I can do.  My favorite one of those was an entry of increasingly shorter movie reviews (which I wrote to meet another journaller's challenge).

My favorite picture is, of course, this one.  I even have it on my cell phone.  It is entitled, "There's hair in my sink!"


olddog299 said...

That WAS a good one ... but not MY favorite.
Regardless - you still rock.  And roll.

nzforme said...

You have a favorite of my entries?  Do tell.  :)