Saturday, August 14, 2004

Opening Ceremonies

So, as I sit here watching the women's air rifle competition (the first medals of this Games!), I thought I'd write up a few random thoughts on the Opening Ceremonies.

(Although, first, may I ask why the shooting commentators feel it is necessary to whisper?  Yes, I know, the competitors need silence for concentration, but I really don't think they can hear you in the booth.)

On to the Opening Ceremonies then:

- I only wanted to throttle the commentators 3 or 4 times.  Then again, I put the TV on mute for at least a half hour.

- As far as the "artistic" portion of the Opening Ceremonies goes, I have to say I was pretty impressed.  Then again, I'm impressed by anything that doesn't involve Elvises.

- Really, though.  I totally dug the people all dressed up like statues.  I was having major Art History flashbacks -- they looked just like the statues, right down to the blissful facial expressions.  Just wonderful.

- Damn that Janet Jackson.  I bet we would've gotten some tastefully done artistic type nudity if everyone didn't have their panties in a bunch over her Super Bowl stunt.

- Hooray for NBC!  I'm so pleased they went back and showed the countries whose entrances were lost during commercial breaks.  Last time they did this, they didn't go back, and skipped countires just got lost.  I sent them a nasty email over that, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one.

- 202 countries.  Three of them, I'd never heard of.  I don't just mean I couldn't find them on a map or don't know what language they speak.  I mean I was all, "Dude, there's a country by that name?"  I am somewhat embarassed by this.

- I love watching the uniforms -- from the countries that put together a nice traditional costume to those that look like they just sent around a memo saying, "Buy a blue blazer -- we'll supply a tie."

- And may I say ... with a good deal of national pride ... that you can say what you like about race relations in our country, but I don't think any other country has a team that looks less monochromatic than ours.  You can't look at the American team without thinking, "Nation of Immigrants."

- Was I the only one who thought, while watching all those kids singing the Olympic Hymn, "Hey!  Who gave 'em all ipods?"

And, lastly... the flaming Olympic rings were gorgeous; the fireworks that nearly encompassed the stadium were impressive; and the flooding of the arena breathtaking.  With all that glorious imagery, why did they choose a design for the torch that looked -- at its best -- like a cigar?


sweetmelissa4u said...

I agree, the torch looked a bit cheesy. But, I thought the opening ceremonies went very well. Everyone knew what they were to do, and did it flawlessly. My favorite part was the pregnant woman at the end with her belly all glowing. I thought that was fantastic! ~Melissa~

quroboros said...

I like your reference to Art History and felt the same way.  It definitely expressed that whole classical Greek thing, didn't it?  I found myself totally spellbound by the opening ceremonies and couldn't help but think 'no way could they do anything this classy in the US.'  The pagentry, the music, visuals.. it was so spiritual and symbolic.  I thought it was the most moving Olympic opening I'd ever seen.  And I liked the giant, mobile torch.  Instead of the standard Sterno can, it looked just like the torch that the athletes carry.  ¤Holly

tammyg22 said...

I only watched a few minutes, long enough to hear the (moronic) commentator call Euclid a "mathematical Hall of Famer".  I instantly thought of you.  *g*

cneinhorn said...

I wasn't digging the torch design favorite part of the opening ceremonies is  checking out what each country is wearing.......all they needed was Joan Rivers commentating on the fashion ensembles and it would have been perfect ;-)