Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Quick! Name My Computer

All right.  You all know Jack, my desktop computer.

My laptop has been due for replacement for some time, and the new machine just arrived in the mail today. 

(Actually, that is a summary of a huge pain in the butt process of which I will spare you the details.  Let's just say that:  (1)  this is the SECOND new machine; (2)  Sony does NOT have enough customer service people on the night shift; (3)  trying to return something to for replacement can be extremely frustrating; and (4)  hopefully, it's all worked out for the good by now.)

So.  New computer.  It needs a name.

It will be sharing a wireless connection with Jack.  The wireless router is called Pearl.  When I got the FIRST version of the new laptop, I called it Will -- just keeping with the whole "Pirates of the Caribbean" theme.  Seeing as Will was a lemon that didn't work after the first hour or so, I don't really want to call the NEXT one Will.

When Will stopped working, I had to wipe its memory and do a great big reboot (for all the good it did).  When I booted him up the next time, I decided that maybe it didn't like its name, so when I hit the screen that asked for the computer's name, I went with Diane.  (You know, "Jack and Diane.")  Seeing as the reboot ultimately didn't work, I'm thinking that Diane is a name I probably shouldn't use again either.

So... what should I name the nice new laptop that will (hopefully) be working with me and Jack for a good long time?


annalisa135 said...

Some names that just popped to mind include:

1)  Jill (this was the most obvious one, to me anyway)

2)  Lorraine or Rainey (don't ask me why, it just came out of nowhere)

3)  Heather (since you have a Jasmine, how about a Heather?)

Okay, I'm now dry.  Nuttin' else is coming to mind.  Looking forward to finding out what you finally choose.   Hugs!!

olddog299 said...

Well deah, I hesitate to even offer a suggestion, given the failure of my moniker the first time round, but what the heck.  I'm glad to see I'm not the only one to suggest the logical, cutesy name, JILL, as a companion for Jack.  If it's masculine you are looking for, then DANIALS might be appropriate.  Perhaps politics?  There's your current Governor, ARNOLD, then there's HILLARY, OLYMPIA, PATRICIA & SUSAN, all US Senators.  ABE has a nice ring, as do George, Andrew and Thomas.  One of my favorites is Ben.  There's SAM as in Sam Adams.  

Perhaps you'd like Biblical names?  Aaron?  Joseph?  Shemp?  Elijah?  Ruth?

Or maybe the NASCAR studs are more interesting ... Jeff, Dale, Jimmie, Kevin, Michael, Darrel, Tony, Kurt, Martin, Mark, Matt, or perhaps Chris?

Good luck with the new machine.  You deserve a smooth transition this time, with rock solid reliability.  Regardless of what you choose for a name, I hope it enriches your life and strengthens your writing bug.  You're one of those whose new entry causes me to light up in anticipation.  Long may s/he/it rave!

hempenhomespun said...


pegluh said...




I'd go with the latter.

Does it have to be a male name?

(You know, Jack and Will could also be those 2 gay guys on "Will & Grace".)