Monday, August 9, 2004

The Saturday Six on Monday

And, Patrick's Saturday Six for this week...

1. How many E-mails are in your mailbox that you have already read, but are "holding" there anyway?

In this account, just 1.  And it's an email I sent to myself with "journal ideas" I haven't yet written.

2. You learn that a loved one committed murder.  You are the only one who knows besides the loved one himself.  Would you turn him in?


3. How much was your total bill the last time you filled up your car's gas tank?

I don't remember exactly, something on the scale of $23.

4. On an average day, how many AOL Journals do you visit?  How many do you have set up to send you an alert when a new entry is added?  How many AOL Journals do you have on a subscription list such as "Bloglines?"


I prefer to read journals via email alerts, so I read my six regulars that way.  The one exception is Scalzi's By the Way, which I visit regularly because I know how often he updates.

5. What particular sport are you most looking forward to seeing in the Summer Olympics?

Most all of them.  I am an Olympics Junkie.  But my absolute favorite is the men's gymnastics.  Individual Event Finals.  Floor Exercise.

Armand: If you could choose the one statement (of your own) that you would be popularly quoted for after your death, what would it be?

I have absolutely no idea.  Seriously.  I saw the Saturday Six on Saturday and didn't answer immediately because I couldn't think of an answer to this one.  The closest I can come up with is something someone once said about me, rather than something I said.  He said, "You're right; but you're not as right as you would have been had you been more right."  For some reason, I find this extrememly amusing.


pegluh said...

Ah, male gymnasts....

annalisa135 said...

(("You're right; but you're not as right as you would have been had you been more right."  ))

Well said.   And very diplomatic.  It's a compliment, a smidge of well concealed criticism, and a dash of laughter all rolled into one.  

Now, how is my sweet Jasmine?  I think it's time for a "my little furry princess" story.  ::::pulling up a pillow on the floor, sitting down indian style, head resting in the palms of my hands::::  Okay, I'm ready.......

mae120866 said...

oh, I totally love your #6