Thursday, August 26, 2004

My Dinner Will Be Bland

Haven't shopped in ... way too long.  I've got some meat in the freezer, but since I didn't bother defrosting it, it isn't really an option.  Which means that -- given my lack of recent grocery shopping -- I'm stuck with some sort of food in a box.  Whatever happens to be in my pantry.  And I had the Easy Mac (with tuna added) last night, so it was going to be a challenge to stay away from the Cup O' Lunch ramen noodles.

The winner was one of them Betty Crocker Chicken With Biscuit meals.  The "Better If Eaten By" date was sometime in June, but it didn't say, "You'll drop dead if you eat it in August," so I figure I'm ok.  I hope.

The instructions are horribly simple:  Mix the biscuit mix with water.  Pour the cans o' chicken & veggie stew mix (well, that's what they look like) in a pan.  Stir in the seasoning mix.  Plop the biscuits on top.  Cook.

I mix the biscuit mix.  I pour the stew cans.  I plop the biscuits.

I look at the unopened packed of seasoning mix.

I look at my pan with nine biscuit puddles delicately floating in the stew.


I ultimately poured in a small fraction of the seasoning mix in the corners of the pan, the mixed it with a spoon around the biscuits.  Like it's one of them Olympic kayak races and I lose points for touching a gate.  I might've used a quarter of the seasoning mix packet and I drowned about three biscuits, which I'm sure is a major deduction.

And, of course, if it tastes bad, I'll never know if it's because it has expired, or because I didn't stir in an adequate amount of seasoning.

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jevanslink said...

Watch out, I think the Russian judge has it in for you. Mrs. L