Monday, April 5, 2004

Aw Darn

I see that CBS cancelled "Century City," which means I won't have that to kick around anymore. Not fair, not fair. Look, don't get me wrong, the show was crap -- but it had the potential to EITHER be (a) actually quite good or (b) so bad, you just had to watch. (Indeed, its final episode -- which included a plot surrounding a women who had a penis surgically attached to herself for "cosmetic purposes" -- was very nearly the sort of train wreck people talk about for years to come.) I'm sorry the show didn't have a chance to run longer -- I hate seeing shows cancelled before they've actually figured out what they're going to be.

Also sad that I won't get to watch Ioan Gruffudd (who happens to be Welsh) do an American accent on a weekly basis. Ever since Kenneth Branagh did it in "Dead Again," I've been fascinated by watching people "put on" an American accent because, of course, to my American ear, it sounds like they're magically "dropping" their own accent. Hell, even Lucy Lawless was entertaining at it -- as her voice seemed to drop an octave when she did the American accent, as though her native accent was trying to break out and she had to talk very slowly, deeply and carefully in order to keep it tied down. Ah well, at least Nick-at-Nite's "Roseanne" reruns are up to the Glenn Quinn years.

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