Friday, April 30, 2004

Truck Drivers are Pissed Off (and so am I)

Woke up this morning and, as Fate would have it, turned on the TV.

(OK, not Fate.  More of my radio station's new DJ still sucking.)

Seems some truck drivers wanted to protest something or other, and decided to do it by blocking a freeway.

At 7:30 in the morning.

In Los Angeles.

They took a big group of trucks and parked 'em across a freeway so nobody could get by.  Then, they locked the trucks and drove off in a waiting SUV.  (Also possible they did something to the engines to disable the trucks.  The news was unclear.)

The news story told me that they were planning to do this on several other local freeways too.

In order to draw attention to ... something or other.

Because the TRUE irony of this is that our truck driver pals decided to do their protest TODAY.  When Michael Jackson is being arraigned.

Which is pre-empting their story on every channel right now.  So whatever it is that the truck drivers would like to call attention to, nobody knows what it is, because every media outlet in LA is cutting away from the "trucks blocking freeways" coverage so we can watch Michael Jackson walk into court.

Puts me in an interesting conundrum.  I didn't actually get up in time to take to the train this morning, but if the alternative is sitting in traffic for an hour, the train might be the way to go.

UPDATE:  Oh.  They're protesting fuel charges.  Yeah, making everyone else sit on the freeway for an hour is a really good way to get sympathy for that one.


pegluh said...

I heard about the "protest" on the radio when I was on the train this morning.  Thank goodness for the train, I said.  Oh, about a half hour later, I heard they'd moved the trucks.  How? Dunno.

annalisa135 said...

you made me think of something i read recently.  supposedly parking at the courthouse (where MJ is), is usually free.  But since all the craziness, it now costs $250 a day to park there!!!  Read it on   I'm in shock!  Even during something as serious as a child molestation case, people are still trying to cash in on it!   Geez!