Saturday, April 3, 2004


There are photos in that post below.  The one about indulging your inner designer.  I used "You've Got Pictures" and added four photos.  Which you may or may not be able to see.

I can't see them.  Not when I view my journal on AOL.  Which is odd because that's where I put them in.

I can't see them when I view my journal via IE either.

Here's where it gets really funky.  I link to rbushu's journal.  She's got some YGP in the top entry, and in one a few entries down ("Reason Number 857 Why I Rock!" and "Inflitrating the Zone.")

I know this because I can see the YGP in the "Reason Number 857" entry (but not the "Infiltrating the Zone" entry) when I crank the journal up on IE.  And I can see the YGP in the "Infiltrating the Zone" entry (but not the "Reason Number 857" entry) when I look at her journal on AOL.

In other words -- seeing YGP photos seems to be rather ... sporadic.  I wonder if this has something to do with the Beta Journals Install that we've been promised for 'round about Tuesday.  Or has YGP always been kinda flukey and I just never noticed it before?


annalisa135 said...

Girl, you could be speaking Japanese for all I know! I'm clueless when it comes to this stuff. I try to grasp it because you talk about it quite a bit lately, but DUH, I don't get it all. Much, much luck with it! May the gods be with you! (or at least the computer fairy)

nzforme said...

OK, I simplify: You can see my photos in the post below, but they don't show up when I look at my journal. What's up with that?

annalisa135 said...

ok, i get it now that you spoke english and not computer talk. thanks! and i still offer a good luck, since i am still unable to answer that question. smiling