Sunday, April 11, 2004

Hey, don't pick that.

I'm 35 years old and I've FINALLY convinced myself to stop scratching at scabs. 

This moment of growing up brought to you by:  The Scientific Method.

A couple weeks ago, my stupid flip-flops stupid dug into my feet and I ended up with identical little burst blisters.  They bled, they scabbed over, they itched like hell.

I decided to allow myself to scratch at ONE of them.  I called the one on my left foot the "control" injury, while the one on the right was the experimental one, and I scratched that little bugger till it came off.  (Oh, don't be icked out.  It isn't like you haven't done it.)  It bled again and scabbed over again.  Differently.  As I watched the progress of my two little scabs, Control was healing nicely while Scratched-At was developing a scar.

We're a couple weeks out and Control is barely visible.  Scratched-At is a dark pink scar twice as large as Control.

Oh, if only I'd known this when I was 7.


olddog299 said...

Ah, but the world is full of gorgeous brunette 35 y.o. lawyers.  However, very few of them have that scar on their foot.  Yes, there on the right, Doctor.  See that picked-at scabbed over scarring?  That tells you who she really was ...

annalisa135 said...

LOL.  God, how I love your j!!!

jennipooh3597 said...

Oh God...I so want a pair of flip flops this season for some odd reason - I've hated them all of my life!  But.... I *want* a cute pair from Gap that I've noticed lately!  And I just so know...the suckers will give me blisters!  Worse than those high heels I adore!  What to do... what to do?  :)  Loved this entry :)  Jenn

nzforme said...

Jenn, get the ones that are all soft fabric.  I had a pair (the ones that got sacrified in Fiji) but they were REAL comfy.