Monday, April 5, 2004

"And now, a moment for the ladies..."

Caught the end of the basketball game.  I enjoyed it (go Huskies!) but wasn't as involved as the menfolk in the room.

I'm all about fighting gender stereotypes, but sometimes it's fun to just joke with them.  I mean, our host was serving "man food" -- bratwurst and beer -- while we female types were eating light little salads.  So, yeah, we were enjoying our stereotypical roles. 

The men were all watching the game, of course.  As it was nearing blow-out proportions, conversation wasn't strictly about basketball.  It moved onto other male subjects.  Like power tools.  Grilling.  Off-color jokes.  :::grunt, grunt, grunt:::

And right near the end of the game, there's a time out, and a commercial comes on for the movie Troy.  All of a sudden, it's Ladies' Night.  Within a few seconds, the men are speechless and the women have immediately taken in the salient facts.  "Brad Pitt in a skirt."  "Mmm, Orlando Bloom."  (Which of course leads to the now nearly standard reference to some teenage girl one of us knows who is deeply in love with Orlando Bloom.  Much laughter.)

The men gamely try to keep up.  I hear snippets of conversation around me -- snippets like, "... you know, the one with the bow and arrow ..." 

And then the game comes back on, and the men go back to talking about so-and-so's free throw percentage and whether the Huskies are going to cover the points, and it's Men's Night again.

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pegluh said...

The 12-year old girl inside is deeply in love with Orlando Bloom, too.  Fess up - yours too.