Tuesday, April 6, 2004

The Upgraded Journaller's Oath

I thought I'd write up a pledge to commemorate the new version of the AOL-Journalling system.

On my honor, I will try:

- To not write a 25,000 character entry just because I can

- To never ever ever write a multi-part entry again

- To always write in a legible font

- To not use (unreliable) You've Got Pictures anymore and instead use the nifty new picture-insertion tool

- To not forget the coding that I'd learned in order to install pictures the old-fashioned way

- To not post so many pictures it chokes the computers of my readers

- To not post so many pictures I use up all my ftp space for all seven screen names

- And if I do, they won't ALL be of my cat

- To use the "alert me when comments are added to this journal" tool so that I'm not inflating my own post count by dropping by every hour wondering "has anyone guessed the name of my network yet?"

- To use the "alert me as entries are posted" tool so that I'm not inflating someone else's post count by dropping by every day wondering, "So, did he win?"

- To post hyperlinks with impunity!

- To see if ANY of this affects the Mac Journalling experience

- To continue to update daily

- To either update 52 (my fictional journal) on something approaching a regular schedule, or put it out of its misery

- To find out where the heck JeffComedy's journal went

- To go the gym more ... er, ok, that's not part of the Journaller's Oath, but I really should recommit to that one at every available opportunity.  (Not a good thing when you see a cute little group photo of yourself with all your co-workers and think, "Dude, I shoulda been standing a little more in profile," if you know what I mean.)


jeffcomedy said...

I'm trying to figure out where it went too.

Please be patient, I'm on it.  But AOL won't let me save any new entry.  Can't figure it out.

I'll let you know.

annalisa135 said...

#1 - What a cutie pie!  (your kitty, of course)  what is her name?  i love the white stripe down her nose!  you gotta post pics of her more often, maybe put a permanent one on.  Tell her she has a fan right here.  #2 - i wondered the same thing about jeff's j.  by the looks of his comment, hopefully it'll be back soon.  #3 - be glad you can post entries.  i still can't do it with mine.  everytime i try it tells me that aol journals is not available.  bummer!  not that i have anything major to say, mind you, but i did get into a rhythm with it, and now i'm kind of blown out of the water.  #4 - I'm really really happy about the increase on characters.  it is nice to be able to write down everything i'm thinking without being told that i'm over the limit.  then i gotta go back and start whittling it down, when i don't want to.  how's this for a nice long comment???  take care NZ!  love your j!

nzforme said...

Thanks Anna -- that's Jasmine (aka "Little Miss Wasmine").  As for updating your journal, have you tried opening your journal from the web (using a browser outside of AOL?) -- Scalzi posted the other day that apparently you can update that way.  I hope they get the bugs out soon.  (And I'm glad we found Jeff, although his journal is still MIA.)

andreakingme said...

Heh, heh, heh! NZ, I like your style. You KNOW I like your style. No, not like THAT.

I must admit, I won't miss the multi-part entries, no sirree bob. And that's a cute fur baby! But of course.

andreakingme said...

P.S. Don't forget to remove the word *beta* from your 52 link at the left. It goes at the tail end now.

P.S.S. Don't put it out of its misery yet. I should have some "real" time to see what you've done there once I get back from my cruise. Okay?

karynetaylor said...

I like your rules. I have already bumped the 25,000 several times, since going into the beta testing of it, but that includes a bunch of HTML and graphics, too. Sometimes I compose in WORD and boy does that throw in a bunch of strange characters that have NOTHING to do with what I have to say/ how I want it to look. I am accidentally getting really good at perusing HTML code. How do I indicate that particular skill on a resume? ha ha

~ Karyn

nzforme said...

Ooo -- good tip -- still avoiding composing in Word.  Thanks.