Tuesday, April 20, 2004


My favorite radio station changed morning DJs on me.


I went through this once before.  Some time ago, the programming geniuses decided to replace our morning guy with a national feed of some "morning zoo" type show.  Instead of Classic Rock, we got stupid song parodies and a lot of talk.  I wrote in to complain.  So, apparently, did everyone else.  Although I initially got a "hey, change is good -- give it some time" email from the station, they quickly changed their tune and my usual morning guy returned, playing Classic Rock like nothing had happened.

All was well.  Months went by.  Maybe even years.

This morning, my morning guy disappeared again.  He was replaced by another morning guy.  Ugh.

To his credit, New Replacement Morning Guy has two things going for him which make him better than Old Replacement Morning Crew -- New Guy is, at least, LOCAL.  And New Guy does -- on rare occasions, ACTUALLY PLAY MUSIC.

Very rarely.  This morning, I counted more than TWENTY MINUTES between songs.  This twenty minutes was filled with some "play guitar and win concert tickets" giveaway, which largely involved New Replacement Morning Guy and a Celebrity Guest Caller listening to lots of local kids attempting to play guitar and making fun of them.

Let me be perfectly clear.  There is only ONE thing I want from my classic rock station:  Classic Rock.  My clock radio goes off at some time which, by definition, is a time at which I would rather be asleep.  I need me some hard, driving rock to shock my body out of its slumber and get my butt out of bed.

Now, I genuinely LIKE classic rock and would happily continue to listen on my morning drive to work.  If you're actually playing rock.  But I'm not going to listen to you if all you're going to do is TALK.  If I'm going to listen to talk, I'll listen to the news, or a book on tape.  If, instead, I'm going to give myself a break to listen to some music, I want you to PLAY SOME DAMN MUSIC.

Is that so hard?


annalisa135 said...

Nope, not hard at all.  Unfortunately most stations in the morning talk too much.  i hate it.  i don't mind the talking so much when i'm in the car, but at home i'd prefer the music.  oh well, time to write another strongly worded letter.....  

andreakingme said...

I feel your pain. Oh boy, do I. But for a little different reason. The radio station I *USED* to listen to had the BEST talkers. I learned about barf art, an eyeglass thief who stole other people's eyeglasses to wear just during sex, penis piercing, a sex psychic and a host of other chortle-worthy stuff. And in the space of 8 months, they changed their morning show TWO FRIGGING TIMES.

I accepted the two new DJ personalities. Even grew to like those two horny toads. And then! They brought in two new DJs and listening to them hem and haw and stutter ... and talk about sex and girls like they're two boys still in high school ... well, it friggin pissed me off. And that's NO WAY to start the day.

Now I boycott that damn station. ::scowls at radio across the room, growls for good measure::

svenskagrl said...

I'm with you...I need loud, heart pumping music on the radio to wake me up and get me through my commute.  Unfortunately, I can only listen to one radio station as my tape deck, CD player and now radio antenna are all broken.  My rant with this "top 40" station (which actually has a pretty good morning show) is that occasionally they insert a horribly boring, coffeehousesque Norah Jones snoozeorama song!  I get so disgusted that I turn the volume off and have considered flicking myself in the head to keep me awake!

I just found your journal a few days ago and its FAB!  I'm trying to catch up on all your older entries.  If you have a mind to do some more extracurricular reading, here's my journal:  http://journals.aol.com/svenskagrl/Ruminations/beta