Sunday, April 25, 2004

Gone, but not forgotten

Had a flashback to The Job today.  Anyone else remember The Job?  Was a TV series that ran for not very long.  Denis Leary played a cop who had some, er, troubles (infidelity and drug addiction leap immediately to mind).  One of those extremely dry comedies that didn't have a laugh track, so you almost felt uncomfortable laughing at it -- like it was supposed to be a drama and you're a bad, evil person for laughing where you'd clearly not supposed to, because if they'd wanted you to laugh they would've put in a track to show you where, right? 

(That was sarcasm.)

It does bother me that there's no room for a show like this on network TV -- a show that, instead of being a routine sitcom, was edgy, offensive, and funny as hell.  I miss it.

You guys miss anything that was Cancelled Too Soon?


dockart said...

I miss a lot of shows but clearly Reality TV is taking over. Love your journal:) so I decided it was time to post:) instead of just lurk.

kiskar said...

I miss Once and Again and Boston Public. - K. :)

nzforme said...

Hi New Kids!

Welcome.  Thanks for reading!

annalisa135 said...

you might laugh, BUT i loved Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.  I thought that was a fantastic show and was VERY bummed out when it cancelled.  Still wish it was on the air.  Reminded me a lot of Little House on the Prairie, except with some sexual tension.  LOL.