Friday, April 2, 2004


Just to keep you all updated...  thanks to Peg and an email from a new AOL-J pal, I downloaded Ad-Aware.  Ran it and it found about 30 things it had concerns about.  Half of them were cookies, but there were at least 3 things there that were definitely naughty and have now been quarantined and removed.  (Heck with it -- I removed the cookies, too.  I removed stuff that was probably harmless.  What the hell.  Out with it all!)  So my thanks for the info.  It's a mean, scary world out there, and I've gotta keep my boy safe.

In other Jack news, our wireless router arrived today and installed perfectly with no trouble at all.  I gotta tell you, Jack is the first computer I've had where I've experienced TRUE plug-and-play.  Plug in router -- it finds the internet.  Turn on notebook -- it finds the router.  (And this router replaces a two-piece system -- which in turn replaced another two-piece system -- both of which took FOREVER to set up and HOURS to get working correctly.)  Of course, I had to name the network too.  (Ten points to anyone who guesses what I named it.  I imagine that anyone who knows me -- that is, anyone who knows me via the journal -- would have a reasonable shot at getting it.)

I'm just a spy-ware killin', computer-namin', network-installin' machine today.

Now... read the entry below and tell me what color carpet to buy.  This is serious business.

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