Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Adventures in Refueling

My car tells me that it has less than a quarter tank of gas, so I figure I should stop and get some.

Actually, I was well under a quarter tank yesterday, but it was raining and all.  Tonight, we've had a brief respite, so there was no reason to not stop at the ol' Mobil on the way home and gas up.

I pull up.  There's nobody at the pump, so I drive up to the front pump.  I wave my little magic gas-chargey thing at the sensor and the pump comes to life.  It asks for my zip code.  I supply it.  I press "enter."  The indicator lights beneath the three types of fuel start blinking waiting for my selection.  I push the button for mid-grade and reach for the actual pump to begin fueling.

It isn't there.  No pump, no hose, nothing.  The read-out is all excited about giving me fuel (which I've now paid for) but there is no way to actually get it into my car.

I cancel the transaction.  Get back in my car.  Back up a few feet to the pump behind.  The flourescent light on this pump is flickering slightly, but it appears to be in good working order.  I check in advance -- there is, indeed, a pump here.  I run through the routine:  wave pass at sensor; type in zip code; press enter; push the button for mid-grade; reach for the...  I push the button for mid-grade.  I PUSH THE DAMN BUTTON.  Nothing.  The pump is non-responsive.

Back in the car -- drive to the next pump over. I finally get some fuel.

Man, you'd think the guy in the little booth would put up cones or something, to stop people from pulling up to the two broken pumps.  Maybe he enjoys watching people try to use the worthless equipment.  While I was fueling, I saw the next poor sucker drive up to the pump-less pump, and watched how long it took him to figure it out. 

It was kinda funny.

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blondepennierae said...

LOL  I'm sorry for your frustration, but the telling is funny as hell. Pennie