Wednesday, December 22, 2004


This was my lunch yesterday, aka, "the before picture."

I bought it at the cafeteria at work.  We have a "hot lunch counter," a "grill guy," and a "sandwich guy."  Usually, I get lunch from the grill guy -- a chicken sandwich or mushroom burger.  But there's generally fries that come with that, so I've tried going to the hot lunch counter instead, thinking that maybe I'd get a healthier meal.

Ha.  The hot lunch counter is clearly operating on the "quantity rather than quality" theory of food service.  That there box of spaghetti (plus garlic bread) clocked in at around $5.00.  Five bucks for what was probably three servings of spaghetti.  Seriously.  I should have chipped in with some co-workers and shared a box.

Don't believe me?  Here's the "after" picture. 

That would be after I'd eaten my fill.  I'd pretty much just picked the meatballs out of it, and there were still meatballs left.  Not to mention, y'know, all the pasta.

And the hot lunch counter guy wonders why he always runs out of food at around 12:45.

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