Monday, December 6, 2004

How Wussy Am I?

Went to Disneyland on Saturday.  Since I didn't want to be carrying stuff all around the park, I locked my purse in the trunk of my car, taking only my wallet and cell phone.

I put the two items in the two front pockets of my jeans.  My not-incredibly-baggy jeans.

As the day progressed, the tops of my thighs started hurting.  I figured this was because I kept pushing up against wallet and phone with each step (and when sitting down) and decided I should, perhaps, remove said items and carry them separately.  This I did.

That was SATURDAY.  It's MONDAY now and my thighs are still sore.  As though walking with those incredibly heavy few-ounce weights was too much of a workout for my pitiful legs.

Oh the shame of it all.

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