Thursday, December 9, 2004

Bah freakin Humbug (Part 1)

I say Part 1 as I have the awful feeling this will be the first in a series.

Wanted to buy some small gifts for some women I work with.

Found the Yves Rocher stuff at  Looked to fit the bill.

Bought $12 worth of the stuff (4 little $3 items -- figured I'd give two items each to each of the women).  $5 for shipping, but what the hell.  At least the gift is taken care of.

This was DECEMBER 1.

This morning, I get an email dated DECEMBER 8 saying they're refunding $6 because half of the items weren't in stock when they received the order.  They're mailing the rest of it.

How nice.  I'm supposed to want $6 worth of stuff (two half-presents) for $5 in shipping.  I think not.  I called them up to cancel the whole order.  Ten freakin' minutes on hold.  Then, "We can't cancel the order because we've already shipped it.  If you really don't want it, just refuse delivery."

I can't do that, ma'am.  It is being shipped to my office where the mail room will accept it.

"Just write RETURN TO SENDER on it and drop it back in the mail."

Will do.  Wonder if I'll ever see my $11 again. 


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