Thursday, December 2, 2004

Boo on eBay

Anyone else remember when eBay was cool?  You'd go online, find some neat thing you wanted that someone was selling out of their attic, bid on it, and get it for a song.

Now, its all little shops and "view my other items."  eBay is populated by a bazillion private little businesses all of which allegedly have 99% positive feedback.  (Really, now.  Are THAT many private little businesses THAT well-loved, or could it possibly be that some of these folks are, oh, I don't know, kicking up their feedback?)

And the bidding!  Whatever happened to my sweet, friendly little bidding?  Now it's all about pouncing in at the very last second and outbidding the other guy.  I've bid on TEN items this week and lost every single one of them -- usually within the last few minutes.  (I just got outbid on an 11th.  Lovely.)

The amount of time I have wasted on this is truly, truly depressing.

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