Thursday, December 30, 2004

This week's homework -- Kitty Wishes

Me again. The furry one on the right.


That's me and NZ.  She's all dressed up for our holiday card photo.  I don't do the dressing up.  I mean, really, I can't possibly be any cuter than I already am, right?  (That's what she tells me, anyway.  I'm the cutest kitten witten in the whole house!  What's a house?) 

ANYWAY, she's handed the whole journal thing to me again, because Scalzi's homework asks what New Year's Resolution she'd make for me, and which one I'd make for her.

We're overachievers over here, so I actually have two of each.

NZ's resolutions for me are:  (1) Stop "teeth play" (i.e. biting); and (2) Become more of a lap cat.  Yeah right.  Like that's going to happen.

My resolutions for NZ are:  (1)  Play with me (with the GOOD toys) a half hour EVERY NIGHT; and (2) Sleep with the door open so's I can come in!

You just watch.  I'm gonna make it happen.


mavarin said...

Good luck with that, Kitty. - Karen and Tuffy

hollyandbb said...

Love the kitty! Big, fluffy ~ and hopefully soon to become ~ more of a lap cat!
(Our resolution is to keep this new journal!)