Monday, December 13, 2004

Thanks for the phone (?)

aka Bah Humbug, Part 2

There was a cordless phone on my Amazon wish list.  (I really needed one.  My old cordless dropped dead a few weeks ago.)

Someone bought me the cordless phone.

It didn't come from Amazon, though -- it was sent from a third-party vendor who sold via Amazon.

Which is all well and good -- excepting, if it were from Amazon, it would have told me who it was from, something which my pals at TechDepot didn't feel inclined to do.

I'm really hoping the mystery phone-giver just happens to read my journal. 

Whoever you are, thank you!  (And please identify yourself.)



1 comment:

andreakingme said...

Wow. You mean people actually read those wish list thingies and buy you the stuff you want?

I must go make ME one of these ....