Saturday, December 4, 2004

Modesty, surely

For this week's homework, Scalzi asks us to look deep inside ourselves and answer:

Weekend Assignment #37: We all know what our best personal quality is. What's your second-best personal quality?

Extra Credit: Note a personal quality you wish you had more of.

Dude.  That's a tough one.  I usually don't go about listing my personal best qualities.

Now that I think about it, though, being a person of the single female persuasion, I frequently list qualities that I look for in a possible future partner.  And when I think about the qualities on that list, one does sorta leap to mind as a quality which I possess, but wouldn't want to put in the top line of the personal ad, so to speak:

I'm responsible.  Which is to say, I'm a freakin' grown-up.  Now, don't get me wrong -- I'm silly and goofy and playful, and I enjoyed Buffy, the Vampire Slayer rather more than someone who had already graduated college probably should.  But I also have a job -- no, a career, and I take it damn seriously.  (I also feed the cat and clean her little box every night.)  When I take on a task, you can count on me to actually do it

Extra Credit:  I wish I had more cheerful optimism.  I know some people go through life with lots of laughter, and can make even the least pleasant situation fun.  Now, me?  I'm quick with the witty retort and heavy on the sarcasm and irony, but not so much with the glass-half-full-ness.  I could use a little more of that.


kiskar said...

Wow, can I just cut and paste your answer into my journal? It seems you're writing about me here! - K. :)

danielled1 said...

I'm the opposite, I've got enough cheerful optimism to share, but I could use a good dose of responsibility in my life!!


mavarin said...

Being responsible is an important quality to have. I'm sure it's one that's shared by a lot of older Buffy fans (and probably some of the younger ones). After all, a lot of them are profs and journalists and such - or forty-somethings like me! - Karen