Monday, December 27, 2004

Wanna feel old?

I decided that (rather than do everything else I had to do) I would take today to clean out my closet.  (The theory being that once I cleaned the closet, I'd have room to put all the junk I'll have when I clean every place else.)

And, as I do every time I clean the closet, I found the box of Barbie dolls I saved from when I was a kid.  But I didn't just have Barbies, I also had "Dawn Dolls."  They were Barbie-type dolls, but much smaller.  They were pretty rare -- compared to Barbies anyway -- and we always figured they'd be worth something someday.

(According to a quick scan on eBay, given their condition, I could maybe eke out twenty bucks for the set.)

But what really killed me about them are their hip, happenin' 1970s fashions.  Check 'em out.


(Sorry about the paw in the picture.  For some reason, Jasmine found them irresistable.)  Pretty snazzy, huh?  I can't believe I grew up thinking this was the ideal of style.  (And don't overlook the blue eye shadow that's built in on several of the dolls.)  Absolutely charming!

And for those of you not quite old enough to remember Dawn dolls, I offer the following trip down memory lane...

Yep.  5 1/4 inch disks.  These, boys and girls, are the reason we used to call them "floppies."  Because (unlike the 3 1/2 inch models that came after), they were actually floppy.  And I saved all of these disks from my Apple IIe computer because I knew I'd need them later.  (Particular that one on the left.  That's Apple Writer II.  A word processing program that was itself less than 110 KB.  My copy of Microsoft Word snorts in its general direction.)

I used to save these old disks thinking that, like my mom's old 45 rpm records, they'd be fun for the next generation to play.  Of course, the difference is, I still have a machine that can play 45's.


pegluh said...

we've got old floppies lying around too, except we'll never be able to retrieve the information on them unless we want to shell out mucho bucks for a reader!  (Had to do that for a case once - not pretty.)

andreakingme said...

Well, it figures you'd still have floppies around the place. And ... I remember Dawn Dolls! I had more than a few. Woo, look at those 70s duds. Swanky.

(I love the kitty chin and paw in the photo. Made me giggle something fierce.)

grodygeek said...

okay NZ

So what did you do with your floppies?

Inquiring minds want to know, as I have boxes of the muthers too and haven't a clue what use they might have to the world. I hate to just chuck them into the trash. I'd like to think they can be recycled somehow.

No not for money. I could care less about making dough off them, but would like to think there would be a 5th world country that might be able to use them.

Sheesh, now look who is naive.

the cycling curmudeon

sznd1262 said...

I too had the Dawn dolls, I used them as Barbie and Kens teenage daughters.  Do you remember Little Kiddles (I don't know your age).  I still have one of the original Barbies and a Ken doll.  Unfortunatley both are naked and the Barbie is one that came with like 3 wigs and just has a plastic hairdo.  Not to brag but I had the Barbie townhouse and cases that folded out into bedrooms, the Barbie airplane, camper etc....My friends and I still joke about how we would get the whole shebang set up and I would have to go home for dinner!  Memories.....
Susan-Jupiter, FL