Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Damn Fortune Cookie

For the first time, I got a fortune cookie I didn't like.

Saturday night.  It read:  "You will soon find out how fortunate you really are."

And this morning, I'm reading about the upwards of 33,000 dead (with that number expected to rise over 50,000), 250,000 homeless and 1,000,000 displaced after the earthquake and tsunamis in the Indian Ocean.

I read about the relief efforts -- that are getting packages of clean water, food, "plastic sheeting for shelters," and "emergency latrine plates" out to thousands of people who, all of a sudden, found themselves with nothing.

And here I sit, in my nice warm bed, in my nice warm home, with my nice full fridge and my fully functioning bathroom (and my big worry is going outside and driving to work in the rain), and I thought "Damn.  I know how fortunate I really am."

Relief organizations are listed here.  Donate now. 


rowdykatie1 said...

Thank you for that and I agree--I've got a lot of bad stuff going on in my life right now and just having a roof over my head is making me feel pretty lucky right now.  I feel all ashamed but that's a good thing.

And your kitty *is* cute.

andreakingme said...

I can hardly wrap my brain around what's happened. It just seems so ... impossible. Terrifying. And terribly unjust when, like you, I consider how much I take for granted in my own life.