Friday, May 4, 2007

Absolutely No Explanation for Why I was Thinking About This Today

Elementary School.  Sixth Grade.

The assignment:  Partner up with someone and do an oral presentation.  The goal of the presentation is to explain something to the class.  Teach them something they don't already know.

I don't recall anything about my own presentation -- not even its subject matter or who I was partnered with.

But I remember one these two boys did.  They were going to explain Football to the girls.  They made up a piece of cardboard to look like a field, and then they had little cardboard cutouts of the players.  "And this guy is the quarterback" -- that sort of thing.  It was a classic example of people who totally missed the the level of their audience -- they were trying to explain what a Defensive End was to a bunch of people who didn't know what a Touchdown was.  Probably best to start with the purpose of the game before you start running plays with the little cardboard linemen. 

And at the end of the presentation, the boys asked, as we'd been directed to, "Are there any questions?" 

And one of the girls raised her hand, and then -- barely suppressing giggles -- asked, "How do you play football?"

Kids are vicious.

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