Saturday, May 19, 2007


I did some bra shopping at Victoria's Secret last Sunday.  You can tell 'cause I posted about it then.

And when I was buying my outrageously expensive bras (that were in the wrong damn color, too, because that's all they stocked in my size), I did something I never ever do.  I asked the nice lady behind the register when these things would go on sale.

And she said, "Our semi-annual sale.  In July."

So, imagine my surprise when I read online that Victoria's Secret's semi-annual sale is now.  Less than a week away from when I'd asked.  The bras are now half of what I paid for them.

(Do you think the salesperson knew about it?  That maybe the store had already received all its "Semi-Annual Sale!!!!" advertising to stick in the windows and semi-annual sale price book?)

So.  Amazingly.  Annoyed.

(Of course, I registered my annoyance by, y'know, buying another half-dozen bras from them, seeing as the bras I like were on clearance and actually available in the right color.  But still.)


dkwyant said...

OMG ! You found your size in the right color, on clearance ?
The bra gods were truly smiling on you :)

hewasolddog299 said...

And why didn't you corner the manager and demand the appropriate discount along with the salesclod's head on a silver platter? If necessary, as for the District sales manager and explain it to her. I guarantee you'll get results.