Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Oh. Right. She's a cat.

After the other night's experience with Jasmine expressing her extreme displeasure at my shutting her in the bedroom with me, I decided to give her run of the house last night.  Besides, I figured the odds of her pouncing her way through the plastic were minimal, given that there's an air cleaning machine loudly running on the inside of the Containment Zone.  ("How loud is it?" you ask.  I can watch TV in the living room, but only if I put the volume on the absolute loudest setting.)

Where was I?  Oh, Jasmine.  Run of the house due to much hating of being shut in my bedroom the night before.  So, of course, when my alarm goes off this morning, where do I find her? 

Curled up on my bed. 

1 comment:

hewasolddog299 said...

Someone had to protect her from the monster behind the plastic...