Saturday, May 12, 2007

It Happened AGAIN

Twice in a freakin' row.  I can't believe this.

Went to Souplantation with a friend.  You pay at the end of the salad bar.  There are two cash registers -- one on each side.  The line on the other side was empty, so the cashier at the other register came over to help on my side.

She asked my friend if we were paying separately or together.  Separately, says my friend.  Cashier takes my friend's drink order, rings her up, gets her money.  Cashier then goes back to her side of the line.

Our cashier then turns to the people after me and asks them what they want to drink.  I'm standing there, drinkless tray, waiting to pay for my food and she totally ignores me.

"Um, can I pay for my food, please?"

She apologizes, saying she thought the other cashier got me 'cause she heard her take my drink order.  (And the fact that there's no drink in front of me tells you ... ?)

"No," I say, "Just my friend's."

That's it.  Next time I'm walking away without paying.

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