Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tammy Will Be So Proud of Me

Or not.

Tammy, my good friend who inconveniently lives all the way in Indiana, is coming to LA to visit her family and -- as often seems to happen with her visits -- our paths will cross when I'm just about heading out of town.  So we'll be getting together Tuesday night, at which time she will watch me pack.  (I know.  So exciting.)

And I thought, hey, since this is sunny Southern California and I'm going to cold and wet Alaska, I could probably do some of my packing, y'know, now.  Cause it isn't like the wardrobes are going to overlap much.

So, I spent a few hours making a list, and then shoving everything vaguely fleece or down or wool into those packing bags you press the air out of, and then into my suitcase.

I am so not going to have room for everything I want to bring.  I mean, I've filled up maybe a quarter of the bag, and I still haven't put in the shoes.  Or any pants for that matter.  It's mostly sweaters and socks and coats.  I may have to rethink this.  Like, I packed two sweaters on the theory that people might sick of looking at me in the same sweater every day -- not to mention, twelve days in the same sweater could get a little ... well, you'll be wanting to sit upwind.

So, the good news is:  I've done quite a bit of packing already.

The bad news is:  I might have to undo it and start all over again.

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tammyg22 said...

I'm impressed, nonetheless.  But... "coats"?  As in, more than one?  That's your first mistake.