Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Fashion Emergency?

My cell phone sometimes doesn't ring when there's a call.  It will, however, give me the "missed call" tone after I (not surprisingly) failed to answer a call when it didn't ring.

This happened this morning.  Sitting at my desk, minding my own business.  My cell phone gave me the "missed call" tone.  I look at the number.  Do not recognize it.  I figure that if it was important, they'll leave a message.  In fact, they're probably leaving one now.

Sure enough, a few seconds later I got the voice mail tone.  And my screen told me IN RED LETTERS that I had a voice mail.  Odd.

I dialed in for my messages and the computer told me this message was URGENT!

OK, then, let me at it.

It's my hairstylist.  He's noticed I haven't been in to see him for a few months and thinks I must be needing a haircut.  You know, what with summer coming up. 



hewasolddog299 said...

LMAO. Different priorities, your hairdresser and I. I can't find my shorts (it hit 80 here today) -- now that's an emergency, considering the temps didn't get over 40 all of last week. It's freaking hot here...

lanurseprn said...

He must have had a slow week!

grodygeek said...

Ha ha. Very funny.

I think your just making fun of me. Sniff. Sniff. And I considered you kind. Sniff.

Be grateful, at least you need a hairdresser.