Tuesday, May 15, 2007


My shoulder hurts.

Ow ow ow ow ow.

I don't entirely know what I did to hurt it.  OK, sure, I carried a messenger bag (a very cool Family Guy messenger bag) on my left shoulder for the firstest time yesterday.  But it wasn't like it was really heavy or anything and my shoulder didn't hurt at all yesterday.  Or last night.  Or even this morning when I got up.  But somewhere around getting out of the shower it started hurting big time.

I do this sometimes.  It's one of those cute little quirks of being me.  I pull something in my left shoulder from time to time.  When this happens, I'm fine as long as I, y'know, don't move or anything.  But the seatbelt hurts it.  Turning my head to check my blind spot before changing lanes hurts it.  Even (and I'll admit, this was a new one) leaning back in the soft gushy conference room chairs hurts it. 

Right now, I'm sitting with one of those hot herbal packs on it.  (You know the ones, right?  That they're always selling from those little carts in the malls?)  It's actually a pretty good neck hot pack -- it sorta wraps around your neck and sits on your shoulders.  But, still, total ow.  Might have to find time in my packed pre-vacation week to get me a neck massage.


That's not a bad idea.  Oh geez.  Online booking system wants me to remember my user name and password.  Like I know this.

Hey!  I know this!  First try!  (That rarely happens.  Must be fate.)

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grodygeek said...

Well, you do know that when you hurt a muscle, for the first 24 hours you should ice it, not apply heat? Have you ever tried those 3M reusable packs? The can apply heat or cold and you can reuse them. They are chemically based and really work very well.

You did take some ibruprophen or something?

Okay so the Family Guy bag is cool, but is cool worth the pain?