Tuesday, May 22, 2007

National Be Short With People Day

I've decided that today is National Be Short With People Day.  There's just a whole lot of short tempers flying around, and people snapping at each other for no good reason.  When the woman at Subway asked if I wanted my sandwich for here or to go, I said "to go."  She asked me the same question a second time, and I let way too much rudeness get into my voice when answering her.  I mean, obviously she didn't hear me the first time, but that didn't stop me from being just so put-upon by having to answer her twice.

But it isn't just me and the chick at Subway.  I've seen it all around the office, too.  I even commented on it to the secretary (after both of us were overly snippy at each other).

I can't figure what's up with everyone.  Unless it's one of those "pay it forward" things where one person in a bad mood spreads the joy to everyone whose path they cross, and it just keeps spreading.

In which case, I hope it doesn't pass via blog.

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