Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Dangerous Combination:

A cat owner and a new camera.

I am reminded of the fact that, no matter how spiffy the camera, I am still a crappy photographer.  After tossing about 20 shots where Jas's eyes were all narrow (like she was angry or something), I finally found the setting that let me take 12 shots in rapid succession.  This was the best of the bunch.  Ah... one out of 32.

In other news, my condo is officially mold-free.  Yay! 

Since I passed the mold test, I went into the containment zone and snapped some pics of the places where ceiling used to be.

I give you ... the first hole:

If you look really close (I accidentally deleted the zoomed shot.  Figures.) -- ok, look at that silver metal thingie that goes about two-thirds of the way up the picture.  OK, now, look at the beam where it stops.  Just to the right of the metal thingie, d'you see a little brown mark?

Had I not deleted the zoomed photograph, you would see that the little brown mark is actually a nail sticking through the beam.  Said the contractor, "I don't know what a nail is doing there."  He guessed that perhaps someone just missed while constructing the deck that sits above this part of my ceiling.  Possible that some (but likely not all) of the leak has something to do with this.

Now, journey with me over to hole #2:

This time, I didn't delete the close-up photo.  Take a gander at this:

"Hmm, what's with that black stuff?" you ask.

Why, that's dry rot.  AKA termite damage.  When the contractor was out here giving our management company rep a tour of the damage, he poked at it with the end of his tape measure and it gave

So we're dealing with more than just replacing dry wall -- we've gotta replace some wood.

Water testing begins Tuesday.

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grodygeek said...

Reconstruction is never as much fun as deconstruction, otherwise known as demolition. Like an old Dennis the Menace cartoon as he tells his little pal, "and they have a special time for breaking things called "wreckreation!"