Monday, May 28, 2007

Whales & Kayaking (not at the same time)

Yesterday, we were at sea all day. We went up Endicott Arm and approached Dawes Glacier. This was relatively similar to what we'd done on the jet boat the day before -- what with the occasional itty bitty piece of ice soon becoming icebergs all around. There was a difference in scale, though. And, luckily, a huge difference in payout. This time, we got close enough to actually see the glacier, which was impressive in its big honkin' hunk of ice sort of way. (As usual, photos to come.)

After, there was more whale watching. Cruise West has a "we'll see whales" guarantee on a bunch of its cruises, and it has never had to pay out. I can see why. After the whole afternoon of whale watching the day before, there was another whole afternoon of whale watching, and there were an awful lot of whales to watch. We even saw some out the dining room windows during dinner. (We heard a commotion a few tables over, then realized they were looking at a whale popping up just outside the window.) I mean, it isn't Whale Central or anything, but if you have your binoculars out and a reasonable amount of patience, you'll be rewarded with whaleness.

This morning -- emphasis on morning -- we arrived at Sitka. Didn't get to see much of Sitka as today was the scheduled sea kayaking trip with dad. Dad had never been kayaking. Thinking back on it, this was something like my sixth time. Still, I sorta held back on telling the guide this. There was an odd number of us going, and she was looking for volunteers to man the single-person kayak. (Nobody was up to the challenge, so she put as all in doubles and had an extra guide take the spare slot in the other kayak.)

We kayaked out a bit -- saw some nature (sea lions, starfish, eagles) and were out on the water for two to three hours. My dad got tired and asked me to paddle slower, which I did as all this paddling was totally tiring me out. I didn't exactly share the fact, though. I was sorta hoping I'd leave him the impression that I was indefatigable. Or, at least, not getting out-paddled by my 71-year-old father. :)

Came back to the ship where -- at least until we left port -- I had cell phone service, so I was able to check my messages, (Aside to random real estate agents who keep calling me: I already have an agent. Stop calling me.)

Am dog tired. Do not know why. Got about 8 hours sleep and that's good, but my eyelids are dragging and I'm not sure why. Could just be that my body is so not used the physical exercise, such that 2 hours of slow steady paddling makes we want to curl up and nap.

'course if I did that, I'd miss the 3:00 cookies.

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