Monday, May 14, 2007

And now ... a television moment

Is it just me or have the judges on Dancing With the Stars been, like, totally inflating Laila's scores?  For, like, ever?

Look, she's good.  She's way better than all the people who were eliminated up to now and she totally deserves to be in the Final 4.  But her dancing has never been in the same league as the three men left in the competition.  She's just not as crisp; her movements aren't defined.  Len was right -- her arms are just all limp and wavy -- but she didn't improve them and they gave her perfect scores anyway.  And, yeah, I totally understand the whole bad knees/flat shoes thing, but it's way easier to dance in flats than heels, so I expected her to be, y'know, way amazing to get "10"s given that she was giving herself a major edge on the equipment.

I assume they're trying to keep her in the competition what 'cause she's the best woman in there (and all the emotional stuff 'cause of her dad and all) -- but, really, the judges' attempts to make it look like things are really close between her and the rest of the pack are getting kinda blatant.

Just my opinion, of course.

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pegluh said...

Appropos of nothing, I found it easier to dance in heels. Not that I'm doing much dancing these days.