Thursday, October 9, 2003

At the gym

Gym last night was kinda interesting.  I used some of the weight machines.  I like the weight machines.  Something satisfying about watching the stack of weights (the really small stack, but still) ride up and down on my power -- way more satisfying than riding the exercise bike to nowhere.

Got to thinking about the last time I actually used machines.  It was about a decade ago.  (Our new friend rinakatay has just experienced what it's like to think "a decade ago" for the first time.  Just imagine the first time the words "twenty years ago," escape your lips.  Makes you want to sign up for AARP right then and there.)  ANYWAY, so 'bout a decade ago, a friend and I decided to spend a night playing with a weight machine and doing all the exercises (out of this book my friend had) for one part of the body -- we did the arms.  Well.  We both TOTALLY overdid it.  The next morning, my arms were so sore, I could barely lift the phone when my friend called to see if I'd survived.  I spent the next day cursing weight machines, my friend, and that bastard who'd written the exercise book.

This book.

Oh man.

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andreakingme said...

I felt the same way for 3 days afterwards when I did my THE FIRM video tape workout for the first time. It involved squats. Feet shoulder-width apart, now squat down. Did that maybe 150 times, but not in succession. Never would've made it. Anyhoo, everthing butt-down felt like hell. Walked like it, too.

Want a good cario workout that won't kill your muscles? Run on an ellipses machine. Or swim laps.