Wednesday, October 29, 2003


Imagine here a link to the CNN story that begins...

>Box Cutters Found on US Airways Plane
A box cutter was found Tuesday aboard a US Airways plane as it prepared to leave Philadelphia, a spokeswoman for the Transportation Security Administration said.<

I *toldja.* Just a couple entries down. And, for the record, I was talking about US Airways at Philadelphia.

Here's the thing. Once you pass security at PHL, there are TONS of stores. They call it the "Philadelphia Marketplace." Tons of stores. With product. That comes in boxes. Call me crazy, but I just bet each of those stores possesses something with which to open those boxes. Something pointy with a razor edge.

Do I think store personnel there are bad, naughty, terroristy types? No. But I did spend a little too long in the Philadelphia airport these past few days, and I imagine it wouldn't be too difficult for some bad, naughty, terroristy types to distract an employee and separate him or her from their box-opening device.

Or, like I said, they could probably just purchase something pointy nice and legally from the Staples in there. I don't have what you'd call a destructive imagination, but I took a good look at the boxes of push-pins, letter openers with the razor blades embedded in plastic, and rolls of strapping tape (y'know, with the really sharp edge for cutting the tape off the roll) and thought, "Self, I wouldn't want to be on a plane with a bad guy who'd shopped at Staples."


andreakingme said...

Well, gee. When I read that other entry and saw "Staples" I thought you were talking about a little store where one could buy staples. Not STAPLES the office supply store! Because that would be nuts. Who'd need to visit an office supply store while at an airport?

I guess I'm naive as well as nuts.

musenla said...

when deadly weapon is mentioned i don't automatically think of Staples, but there you go.