Thursday, October 16, 2003

What to write?

I feel like your gold box...  y'know, when it says, "What would you like your next offer to be -- one of our 550 blenders, or one of our 882 power saws?"  And I'm always looking for that "other" button that isn't there.

But, I sit down at the computer thinking, "What would you like my next journal entry to be -- something twisted called 'Reality Television' or something about the CD I just got that is by an artist you've probably never heard of?"  And I can just picture my vast reading public (that's you!) looking wildly for that "other" button.

Oh very well.  I aim to please.

Let's talk about Halloween Costumes.


andreakingme said...

T, your audience number is probably higher than you think. You write well and you're dang funny.

I was bored yesterday and I knew I could count on your Journal here for a good read, so I read some of your older entries. Even commented on some.

Know what conclusion I came to? You're NUTZ. In a good way, of course.

nzforme said...

Wee! Now I get to go back over the early entries looking for comments -- it raises the hit counter even more!

Thanks for the lengthy visit. :)