Monday, October 20, 2003


Since I know you're all deeply concerned about the state of my (ow) arm --

I am informed by the Medical Professional Du Jour that

- with the possible exception of the feeling faint yesterday, what I'm going through is fairly common (and here, I think, is where my history of light-headedness* makes this normal too).

- it can take up to FIVE DAYS for one of these buggers to stop hurting.

- I must drink lots of fluids.

- I can now alternate heat and ice every couple of hours (I think this is to "fake out" the swelling).

- I must do all my wild international travel within the next ten years so I don't have to do this again. (OK, she didn't say that, but we were all thinking it.)

*Y'know if this was a message board, my friends would pounce all over that -- "NZ has a 'history of light-headedness' -- that explains everything!"

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andreakingme said...

Heh, heh, Treadmill Girl. Anybody who'd put herself into a big ball and roll down a hill has got something wrong with her head.

(Yeah. I just love that thought about the ball. I really hope you survive it, too, because I hate to think that all of this joking is REALLY tempting Fate.)