Friday, October 17, 2003

I lived.

Just a quick note to report on the whole "shot" thing (moment by moment details to follow).  I got my tetanus booster and gave some blood (they wanted to test for Hep antibodies before giving me the vaccine, so I'm probably not done yet) and survived.  But, y'know, "ow."

In a related story, Jasmine understands more English than she lets on.  This morning, she was sitting on my bed while I was getting ready.  So, I was sorta talking to her.  When I was ready to go, I said, "Jasmine, mommy has to go do something she doesn't really want to do now."  Jasmine ignores me.  I said, "Jasmine, mommy has to go to the vet."  Jasmine jumps off the bed and scampers away, hiding in the living room.  Oops.


pegluh said...

They also know how to spell 'vet' so that works, too. It's uncanny.

andreakingme said...

She'll get you back for that, you know ... if I was you, I wouldn't return home without kitty treats and catnip.