Wednesday, October 29, 2003

The Dreaded Theatregoing Injury

No, not "sore butt."

I twisted my ankle on the way to the theatre, 'bout a year ago.

Through a long, convoluted (and not entirely bright) process, I reinjured it repeatedly over the next couple months.  (Hint:  just because it stops hurting does not mean it is better.  Second hint:  your figure skating "coach" does not know when it is better either.  Stupid salchow.)  Ultimately got myself to a doctor (and you know how much I like that) and discovered that I "torqued my ligament."

(Math nerd that I am, I really appreciated use of the word "torqued" here.  It sounds so much cooler than "twisted.")

The really dreadful part about this whole thing is that, although it is pretty much healed and (knock wood) not affirmatively bothering me, it is not back to 100% and never will be.  (Apparently ligaments are really good at springing back, but not if you keep reinjuring them.)  I have to make sure I don't twist it bad again, because I could end up doing my ligament serious harm.  I ended up giving up skating (it was probably time to do that anyway) and now I freak out whenever I step funny and twist the ankle.

What frustrates the heck out of me is that I have this somewhat permanent reduction in ligament quality and I didn't do anything really cool to get it.  I mean, when people asked, "Why the ankle brace?"  I would have preferred to give an answer like "skydiving," rather than "walking down the street."

It is in some way informing my philosophy toward the adventurey parts of my upcoming trip.  Don't get me wrong -- I don't WANT to get hurt doing any of this stuff (truly, I don't.  I'm a wuss.  See above.)  But it bothers me that my body is already experiencing its first permanent limitation and I wasn't exactly pushing myself to the edge at the time.

So, yeah, injuring myself is making me want to get out there and live a little.  I mean, if my body is going to start giving out on me anyway, I might as well enjoy it like hell as long as I can.

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andreakingme said...

I'm with you, walking-can-be-a-challenge-sometimes girl! You SHOULD enjoy what you can.

You're on the right track, though, going to the gym to stregthen the bod before you get physically crazy. Just add some ankle exercises and stretches to the list, hmmm?