Friday, October 24, 2003

Skate America -- Day Two (mild spoilers)

Andrea asks who are some of the people here. Well, we just came back from the men's free skate, where the headliner was Michael Weiss. The skating world is kinda weird with Michael Weiss -- you either think: he's the greatest thing since sliced bread, his new "freedom blades" are the wave of the future, his skating is filled with technical prowess and emotional content, and it's important to yell "Go Michael" every ten seconds or so to show your enthusiasm ... or you think: he's not bad but he's no Todd Eldredge, the "freedom blades" are a gimmick, his landings are generally shaky and his programs pander to the audience, and his fan club is the most ill-mannered set of skating fans out there.

Er... guess which camp I'm in.

Hint: It was Michael Weiss fans that stole our seats last night.

Other U.S. men there were Ryan Jahnke (who wasn't having a really good night) and Scott Smith, who looks so much like Leonardo DiCaprio (but without the brooding) we kept expecting him to skate to the theme from "Titanic." Tim Goebel was supposed to be here but he didn't come -- I think Leo ... er, Scott ... was a last-minute replacement for him.

On the ladies side of things there were three U.S. women (Jennifer Kirk, Amber Corwin & Sasha Cohen) and they skated right after each other (thanks, random draw), which really messed up the poor teenage girls in the audience who didn't know who to yell for. "We love you Jenny!" "We love you Amber!" "We love you Sasha" "Jenny's Number One!" "Amber's Number One!" "Sasha's Number One!"

Mary and I kept yelling for "Bill." Bill was some guy sitting next to the judges, working on a laptop. We knew his name is Bill 'cause it was written in big letters and taped to his walkie-talkie. (Bill struck us as a man who has had his equipment mistakenly stolen one too many times.) So whenever everyone was getting all, "Go Michael!" or "We love you Ryan!" We'd chime in with a "Bill! Bill! Bill!"

Everyone desrves a cheer now and then.


andreakingme said...

Wha-hoo! Oh, you're so good to us to share the scoopage. I just whizzed through all three entries (and thought ELDRIDGE, it was Todd ELDRIDGE). I can't believe I forgot him, he was one of my favorites. He had such a problem with dealing with nerves that I used to root harder for him than for anyone else.

I never got into Michael Weiss. Not sure why. The few times I'd seen him skate, he'd just never impressed me.

Now Bill. I'm sure I would've rooted for Bill.

musenla said...

Man, I miss Todd. Is he retired now? I don't like Michael Weiss, either, he just postures too much, IMO. Not familiar with the girls, except Sasha, who has nerves of steel.