Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Cat Nicknames

Unhinged asks about nicknames, which is kinda funny as I'd been planning to do an entry with the complete list of nicknames for my cat, Jasmine.

(Grouped by category for easier reading.)

Jas, Yasmina, Jazzy Girl, Jazzy Girl Girl, All That Jas, Jasmine Wasmine,

Kitten, Kitten Witten, Cutest Kitten in the World, Smartest Kitten in the World, Bestest Kitten in the World, Cutest Kitten in the Room,

Baby, Babykins, Precious (var. Precccioussssss)

Action Cat, Destructo Kitty, Cat-Out-Of-Hell,

Who da cat?

Feline Companion, My Owner,


Salmon-breath, Tuna-breath, Smells-Like-Cat,


Little One.


andreakingme said...

Holy cow! You are the nickname-giving QUEEN. No wonder Jas doesn't come when you call.


nzforme said...

Oh no! How could I have forgotten "My Little Purr-ball"? (Said, ironically, as she drags her claws across my arm.)

mlraminiak said...

Somehow their original names never stick. As they get older, they'll actually answer to the top five. One of our little princesses started out as "Tribble" but ended up "Bob" (the evolution of which no non-Monkee-fan would get.)