Friday, October 17, 2003



Ok.  This might look like your average everyday CD, but it is, in fact, a lollipop.  I ordered it a few weeks ago and it arrived in the mail yesterday.  In a phenomenal display of self-control, I decided not to listen to it immediately, but instead uploaded the little bugger into my ipod so I'd have a treat for myself as soon as I got my shots today.

And, even though 2 shots ended up turning themselves into a blood test and one shot with an option for more, I figure I more than earned it. I'm pleased to report that both the tetanus shot and the blood test actually hurt substantially less than a good solid kitten scratch. However, it's about twelve hours later and while the tetanus shot arm seems to be pretty much back to normal, the inside of my elbow where the blood was taken is still pretty tender. So, y'know, I figure I'm allowed to sit here sullenly and listen to Anthony Warlow's latest CD.

Here's what you have to know about Anthony Warlow: he has what has got to be one of the top five voices in musical theatre on the planet. For my money, he's number one, but I'm willing to at least consider the possibility there are a handful of others.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I would have preferred this disc to be more musical theatrey. (I still shudder that I bought something people file away under "Easy Listening.") But the fact of the matter is, he's got one of those voices where he can sing anything, and sing it really, really well. In fact, some tiny twisted part of my brain is kinda glad he's recorded these standards, because I'll never listen to them any other way, and it is sort of rounding out my musical education.

Vocally, he's got a huge range. I've seen plenty of debates over whether he's a baritone or a tenor. He describes himself modestly as a "baritone with a bright top." The "bright top" is light enough to just skim the surface on these swing numbers -- he sings like Torvill & Dean ice dance: crisp, delicate, and impeccably smooth. And, when he lets it out, he's got a rich, warm baritone you could curl up and fall asleep in.

Mmm, better than any candy.

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