Wednesday, October 22, 2003

On the road again... (1 of 2)

Well, I'm heading to the airport early in the morning.  Going to go see Skate America in Reading.  Meeting my friend Mary there.  (And seeing as she's a person of the nursing persuasion, I couldn't ask for a better companion the day after picking up two more vaccinations.  Let me just say it's back to the ice packs for me.)

We're going to Skate America this year because we had such a blast at Skate America last year.  Not so much watching the skaters.  Mary's the bestest type of traveling companion there is -- she makes her own fun.  See, here's what happened (cue the flashback).

Skate America 2002 was all security conscious, so they forbade people from bringing flowers into the arena and throwing them on the ice for the skaters.  You could buy little stuffed animal bears from the Skate America people and throw them (we dubbed 'em "throwin' bears") -- but they were like $15 each and people bought them as souvenirs, not so much to give to the skaters.  Still, people did manage to sneak non-approved throwin' bears into the arena and throw them to the skaters.

And Skate America didn't seem to mind that they did.  We knew this because, from where we were sitting, we could see the flock of kids whose job it was to skate out onto the ice and pick up the throwin' bears after a popular skater's performance.  And once they picked up a bear, they'd carefully put a piece of masking tape on it identifying the skater it was for, so it could be delivered later.

They had three or four kids there at any given time, just waiting to skate out and pick up the throwin' bears.  But there weren't THAT many throwin' bears on the ice -- sometimes the kids hardly got to skate out at all. 

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