Saturday, October 11, 2003

You're placing the product where?

Yeah, OK, it's my third post about ER.  I realize it makes me look obsessed about the show, which is wrong.  (I watch about a half dozen TV shows on a regular basis.  ER is sort of on the bubble.  I watch it if I'm around.) 

But there was something wrong with this season's second episode of ER -- something else wrong (besides, y'know, the plot) and it only just hit me.

Product placement.  I'd thought it kind of amusing that Carter would take an iPod to Africa.  After all, I remember when Carter had an iBook all nicely product placed -- must have been a couple seasons ago.  But once an Apple user, always an Apple user.  So good for them for keeping him with Apple.

That's what I thought when I saw the episode.  And then today, I realized what was wrong with it.  You can't change the batteries in iPod.  I know this.  I have one, and the fact that you can't change its batteries is what's keeping me from taking it with me to New Zealand.  The damn thing is strictly rechargeable.  You get about six hours of music out of it and then you need to plug it into a wall.

Now, tell me exactly where in a burnt out clinic in the middle of the Congo is Carter going to find himself the necessary electrical current to get this sucker going?  I mean, hell, a single charge on an iPod isn't even going to cover you for half the damn FLIGHT to Africa.  Now, OK, maybe he can recharge it that first night he spent in a hotel -- but before the iPod's big scene, he's spent days (at least it seems that way), helping out Red Cross Lady and otherwise trying to find Luka.  Not exactly curling up with a good book next to a nice source of alternating current, is he?

And that's assuming he's taken care of the whole converter (they're on 220V there) and adapter issue (this being the reason my iPod will not be joining me in New Zealand).  Look, iPods are great for going to the gym or commuting, but the little buggers are just NOT made for international travel.

Then again, Carter's so rich, maybe he just brought a whole duffel bag full of them--discarding them along the way when they lose their charges.  Yeah, that's it.

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andreakingme said...

I was reading along and thinking, oh, I'll give 'er a good reason for the iPod and look way funny and smart, but then when I got to your duffel bag full . . . there went that idea. Can't top THAT.

You kill me.

Now . . . must go kill Oogie.